New Standard for Manufacturing Walls

Now the standardised and by many wood-working machines supported file format BTL can also be used to control (prefab) manufacturing stations. In France, the first manufacturing station that supports this global und standardised file format for the production of walls has been introduced at the Eurobois trade fair in Lyon.

For quite some time and a number of BTL-versions, it has been possible to convert all components constructed with CAD construction software into the uniform, machine-independent file format BTL.

The description of this file format has been available for more than 5 years on  The interface definition is constantly further developed and now available in its 5th generation.

Since the end of 2010, the file format BTL has been available in version 10.4. One of the special features of this version is the option to transfer all components of a building in only one file, well structured and with all processings.

This means that in one BTL-file all timber members and boards/panels of a building with all their processings, including layer processing information, can be transferred in one step. It is thus possible to transfer nailing lines and markings separately for every layer.

With this technology only one single file needs to be exported and, depending on the manufacturing station, all the different machines (saws and wood-working machines, panel processing machines, bridging and nailing machines) can read out the data they require.

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