Log Construction

Here you find parts with often used assemblies in log construction.

BTL-File: half-lap.btl
Description: half-lap.pdf

BTL-File: tyrolean-dovetail.btl
Description: tyrolean-dovetail.pdf

BTL-File: tyrolean-dtt-connection.btl
Description: tyrolean-dtt-connection.pdf

BTL-File: klingschroth.btl
Description: klingschroth.pdf

BTL-File: frosch.btl
Description: frosch.pdf
BTL-File: dovetail.btl
Description: dovetail.pdf

BTL-File: dovetail-t-connection.btl
Description: dovetail-t-connection.pdf

The BTL export functions of every software supplier can have different options, so files can vary.